Mama's Classics info


The organizing team’s ambitious role models have been traditional Swedish Fotorallyes, and on the other hand also several different classic car rallyes which have long history in central Europe, such as Silvretta Classic and Mille Miglia. So far Mama’s Classics has been a one day event, but in the future the challenge is to organise a two day event, when there can be more special events and tasks for participating teams.

Routes and tasks

Mama’s Classics Rallye starts in the morning with the briefing for participating teams. Teams are briefed, some last moment tips and hints might be given, and of course the roadbook is given for the teams.

Mama’s Classics roadmap is different every year, and the roads flow around the Pirkanmaa-regions small and scenic tarmac roads mostly in the rural areas. The Rallye is divided in two different areas; legs and special tasks. Tasks are performed on different locations and they vary every year. Tasks might include precision driving, accuracy, and most of them require also good amount of luck.

Legs are driven between the tasks by the instructions given in the roadbook. Plenty of photographs are added in the roadbook with question or questions related on each photo. Finding all photos requires all team members to be alert, although making a u-turn is naturally allowed. Photos may be taken to any direction, also finding the correct answer might require team members to exit the vehicle and take a short walk.

Who can participate?

The program of Mama’s Classics is arranged so that the whole family can participate. Mama’s Classics is not a speed competition, as it is driven on public roads. Participants are expected to respect all the Finnish speed limits and traffic laws.

Mama’s Classics is oriented for older cars, but presence of more modern specials and rarities are most welcome!

Points are given on each special task and leg separately. On all other tasks and sectors points are given, expect on accuracy driving. On accuracy driving tasks both exceeding AND passing given time will result negative points.

Three best performing teams are awarded. Also “Best Peoples Choice Car” and “Best Peoples Choice Car and Outfit –Combination” are awarded with a trophy.